Ring in oxidised silver and red pigment, by Izabella Petrut
big red ring, one of a kind, handcrafted by Izabella Petrut
statement jewellery design Vienna. Red oxidised silver ring by Izabella Petrut
oxidised silver ring, contemporary jewellery Wien, by Izabella Petrut
big beautiful red ring in oxidised silver and resin. wearable art.
sculptural red ring made with oxidised silver.
one of a kind handmade statement ring, contemporary jewellery design
zeitgenössisches Schmuckdesign Wien. ein einzigartiger Ring
Schmuck Design Wien, skulpturaler Ring, Online kaufen
einzigartiger Schmuck, Schmucksachen, Juwelen, Schmuckwaren Wien

Ring in oxidised silver and red pigment

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"What the heart is made of"

Ring in oxidised silver and red pigment.

Features of this piece:
+ Ring size: 52 / Ø 16,8mm
+ Approximate outside dimensions: Width: 17mm, Length: 24mm, Hight: 38mm
+ Materials: oxidised silver, epoxy resin, pigment.
+ This piece is hand made by the artists and unique.
+ This ring comes in a beautiful box signed by the artist.


The oxidation on silver is a surface treatment that will go away with time. This is a normal wear and tear feature, but it also adds personality to your piece. It will transform into a silver ring, the more you wearing. You will see it live and accumulate memories together with you. Should you want to re-fresh the black oxidation, you can contact me and bring the ring by my studio to get it done, for free.
The top part is made out of epoxy resin. This material is strong and sturdy, as long as you keep it away from sources of fire and heat, long exposures to sun, and solvents and acetone. Like any other precious object, if you drop it, or subject it to schock, you might damage the red finishing.

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