Portrait of jewelry maker and designer Izabella Petrut
Izabella Petrut is an artist, maker and contemporary jewelry designer, living in Vienna, Austria. She has a passion for jewelry, minimalism, small details, and spontaneous traces of time. 
Izabella loves dark chocolate, slang poetry and all contemporary art, is a block chain enthusiast, and her favourite time of the year is summer. 
She designs and produces all of the jewerly herself, using materials from trusted sources. Her design and creative practice is process based, celebrating serendipity, spontaneity and the beautiful feelings that come from inside. Each piece is unique, and it gets special love and attention. 
Besides the minimal wearable jewelry in this shop, Izabella Petrut makes sculptural, conceptual, unwearable, and collectable art jewelry, that you can see and buy on www.izabellapetrut.com and in various galleries world wide. 
You can see Izabella Petrut's CV here: https://www.izabellapetrut.com/bio-and-cv/
jewelry studio in Vienna