Art jewellery collectable, blue paper brooch and silver. Unconventional jewelry by Izabella Petrut
big jewelry, statement brooch, handmade in paper and silver, in Vienna, by Izabella Petrut
contemporary art jewellery, wearable art, online jewelry store, blue brooch by Izabella Petrut
contemporary jewellery, Vienna Fashion Week, Izabella Petrut brooch, dress by Smaranda Almasan
Big Paper Brooch, Blue Print, Red, Blue

Big Paper Brooch, Blue Print, Red, Blue

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  • The brooches are part of the collection "We become one" and are a series of four brooches: 2 red ones and 3 blue ones. 

  • These brooches have been part of various international exhibitions in museums and galleries across Europe, amongst other:

  • part of MQ Vienna Fashion Week in the Smaranda Almasan fashion show.  
    • one of the blue brooches is part of the collection of Ohmyblue Gallery, in Venice, Italy. 
    • one of the blue brooches is part of the collection of MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) Vienna
    • One of a kind, hand made in Vienna, by Izabella Petrut.

    • Available colours: red or blue.

    • Materials: silver, alpaca, paper, epoxy resin.
    • This piece is hand made by the artists and unique.
    • Delivered in beautiful boxes or pouches, different for every season.
    • In order to ensure a long happy life for your jewelry, they should be kept away from water, perfume, cleaning products, acetone, solvents, and long sun exposure.
    • Warnings:
        • The top part is made out of very thin paper and epoxy resin.
        • This material is rather fragile. 
        • It should be kept away from sources of fire and heat, long exposures to sun, and solvents and acetone. It should also be treated with care, avoid hard pressure or dropping it.
        • During its life, this brooch will lose some corners with every wear, but this will not affect the shape of the piece. 
        • This piece makes for a beautiful sculpture / object. If you decide to wear it, I suggest you do so in a way that it is not under a coat, so it does't get rubbed and pressed under any fabric. 

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